A look at the expanded format

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Written by Johnny Rabus It’s August, and that means the new Poké year is revving up! If you haven’t heard, Pokémon has announced that Regional Championships will be held strictly using the Expanded format this year. Expanded format, in a nut shell, means a much larger card pool to choose from. Specifically, the Black and White base set to the most recently released set that is legal for organized play. Now, this is both a good and bad idea. THE GOOD Last year Expanded was such a pain because it was exclusively seen at the second day of these events. This made people not test for the format because we had to play the Standard format day 1 and all of our focus was on that. So why bother? By incorporating Expanded into the entirety of the tournament, we...

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Auction for Virginia Pierce

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Over the past 25 years I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends playing Magic the Gathering. We have all spent a lot of money and time building decks and playing the game but rarely do we get to actively make the world better by playing a game. Next Saturday we get to do just that. As many of you already know one of our long time local players, Virginia Pierce, is having the fight of her life. Virginia has been going through a rough battle this year against a rare cancer called ocular melanoma. With bravery and positivity, she is doing everything in her power to fight it. However, both the cancer and the treatments have taken a toll on her and she is currently not able to return to work. Bryen is...

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Hey guys! With the state championships done and over with, we saw a good amount of the same stuff winning. Today I will be going over a deck that, while it looks crazy, was able to win the Minnesota state championship. I don’t have the exact decklist but The Top Cut did a video about it and I took the list they gave as the starting point. Pokemon: 19 3 Ninetales DRX 3 Vulpix DRX 3 Pikachu XY 3 Raichu XY 2 Reshiram LTR 1 Mewtwo ex LTR 1 Kyurem ex PLB 1 Mr. Mime PLF 1 Jirachi ex 1 Sawk PLB Trainers: 32 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Colress 2 Skyla 4 Hypnotoxic Laser 3 Level Ball 2 Ultra Ball 2 Virbank City Gym 3 Muscle Band 2 Switch 1 Professor’s Letter 1 Super Rod 1 Tool...

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Regionals setup

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Hey guys it’s been a while. Life happens but now I’ve finally got some time to talk. Regionals are coming up soon and I’m here to tell you the top 3 decks that should be at your disposal, Blastoise, Darkrai/Garbodor, and Virizion/Genesect. Blastoise always has been a good choice this year. Nothing has come around to change that fact. You setup, do 200, rinse and repeat. It also has some quick games so the time limit shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The newest set also released Professor’s Letter. This allows you to get more out of your deck quicker, and it allows you to be more consistent. I have chosen Blastoise over Rayboar as, even though they are structurally similar and do the same things once setup, Blastoise has more consistency overall and has a better plan...

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Dragon Bursting with Fire

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Hello readers, my name is Russell LaParre of Team Inferno and I’m going to discuss the deck Rayboar and its current state in the new format. To begin I’d talk about my past accomplishments. I’m fairly new to the Pokémon TCG scene but I’ve been playing competitive TCG’s (Yugioh, VS System, and Magic) for roughly 12 years. Throughout this season I hope to establish myself in the Pokémon circuit and work my way to the top. With that said let’s get started with the deck. “RayBoar”, a combination of the top 2 important Pokémon in the deck Rayquaza and Emboar, has been a well-known deck for some time now. Last format this deck was overshadowed from the power of Blastoise and severely suffered from the strength of Pokémon Catcher as well as bench damage from Kyurem, Landorus EX, etc....

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Pokemon Worlds Report

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By Johnny Rabus I finally made it to worlds. After playing the game for a long time now (10 years) I was finally able to make it to the big stage. I felt so happy going into the event, and extremely excited. I decided to play my Plasma variant that I had been using for the past few months. I knew it very well and enjoyed everything it could do. Here is the list I used for the event, Pokémon – 11 4 Deoxys EX 2 Thundurus EX 2 Lugia EX 2 Kyurem PLF 1 Absol PLF Trainers – 35  4 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Colress 2 Bianca 2 Skyla   4 Pokemon Catcher 4 Colress Machine 3 Switch 2 Ultra Ball 2 Team Plasma Ball 2 Max Potion 1 Scramble Switch   3 Frozen City Energy – 14 4 Blend WLFM 4 Prism 4 Plasma 2 Double Colorless Some of the card choices are interesting so I’ll try...

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