Auction for Virginia Pierce

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Over the past 25 years I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends playing Magic the Gathering. We have all spent a lot of money and time building decks and playing the game but rarely do we get to actively make the world better by playing a game. Next Saturday we get to do just that. As many of you already know one of our long time local players, Virginia Pierce, is having the fight of her life. Virginia has been going through a rough battle this year against a rare cancer called ocular melanoma. With bravery and positivity, she is doing everything in her power to fight it. However, both the cancer and the treatments have taken a toll on her and she is currently not able to return to work. Bryen is...

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Fantastic Four #605

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I had planned on doing reviews of a lot of different books by a variety of creators but every time Jonathan Hickman puts out a new issue of Fantastic Four he absolutely blows me away. Every month he brings in new ideas and adds new layers to existing characters that are fresh and bold. His handling of Ben Grimm in this issue is nothing short of amazing and it has very little to do with Ben. Watching how other people react to him and in turn his reaction to them is beautiful to see. When Hickman leaves the book in October I can’t imagine the next writer will be able to even come close to the quality of storytelling from the last three or four years. If you aren’t, you really should be reading this...

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Stan Lee’s Mighty 7

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Once upon a time Stan Lee’s name was guaranteed gold on a comic. Sadly the silver age is gone and the modern age has left the most beloved man in comics behind. Mighty 7 reads like a bad issue of Guardians of the Galaxy or Darkstars with busty space cops getting rescued by their hunky hunky partners. There is the former space cop gone bad that you just know has a heart of gold. Every 80’s cliche is tossed in along with the fourth wall busting of the man himself. Yes kids, Stan Lee is a character in this book. He is portrayed as himself trying to get a job at Archie writing the ladies much like he did with Millie the Model (which he references just in case you didn’t know he could write women.) The only thing...

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The Unwritten #35

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If you’ve talked to me about comics in the last two years chances are you’ve heard me talk about the Unwritten. I tell everyone I can to read this book because it is hands down the single best comic being published today. No other book has this level of intelligence and sophistication while at the same time being funny and a little vulgar. The latest issue answers a bunch of lingering questions and delves once more into the power of story. Telling stories and making up fanciful lies is a decidedly human trait and this book celebrates the best and worst of...

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Fantasic Four #604

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I don’t want to spoil anything but this book made me stand up out of my chair and yell an expletive into the air because of how incredibly awesome it was. Everything Hickman has been building for the last three years comes together in this issue. If you haven’t been reading the book that’s ok, I restock all the trades this week. We can get you caught up on Marvel’s best book with no...

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