4 Color Weekend Sale!

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Sorry guys, we won’t be doing a “black Friday” sale. Mostly because it sounds really sad and negative. Instead we will be having a four color weekend sale! What’s the difference you may ask? Well, mostly we plan to be open our regular hours instead of opening at 4am and the face that our sale lasts from noon on Friday until we close on Sunday night! We will also be having all our normal weekend activities so if you are looking to spend a little down time come on by! I will post our events for the weekend at the bottom so you know when the best time to come in and catch a game or two! The list of sale items for this year is pretty expansive so please bear with me as I list them all. We...

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Wizkids Premier Seminar

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On March 13th Justin Ziran, President of Wizkids spoke to a group of retailers about the release schedule for the rest of this year. Follow the link below to read the whole story!...

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New Heroclix Guides

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Wizkids released new tournament and player guides yesterday with updated and expanded rules and the latest retirement list. One of the cooler aspects for me is the inclusion of a bunch of new alternate team abilities. The guides as well as the new ATA’s can be found at...

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