Free Comic Book Day! and New Books for 5/11/16

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The best day of the year is finally upon us once again and as always we are going to have our biggest sale of the year! Doors will open at 11:00am and the deals will go until we close at 9:00pm! Our supply of Free Comic Book Day books are limited so get in early to make sure you get what you want. This year we will have more artists than ever before giving away free sketches for kids and taking commissions. Here is our list of things that will be on sale tomorrow! HARDCOVERS 30% OFF TRADE PAPERBACKS 25% OFF DORBZ BUY 2 GET 1 FREE FUNKO POP! FIGURES $9 EACH (regular size only) ACTION FIGURES 20% OFF TOON TUMBLERS 20% OFF FLUXX AND MUNCHKIN 15% OFF SILVER AGE BACK ISSUES 10% OFF CURRENT BACK ISSUES ON THE...

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5th Annual 4 Color Weekend Sale!

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Once again the holidays are upon as and as always, the weekend after Thanksgiving looms large for retailers. I know lots of folks go out early on Friday but we like to take a more leisurely pace around the season. We will start our sale on Friday but Saturday is when we go all out. We have thousands of comics for $1 or less! There will be in store specials all weekend in addition to the huge list of sale items below. Dorbs 50% off Eaglemoss figurines 50% off Funko Pops $9.50 Malifaux 30% Heroclix 20% off free map with any purchase Role Playing Games 40% Older sealed Magic 20% off Magic Singles 15% Trade paperbacks and Hardcovers 25% All Pokemon 15% All Dicemasters 20% Paint and paint supplies 30% Action Figurees 10% thousands of books for $1 and...

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New Books for 11/4/15 and Halloween Comicfest!

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Happy Halloween! As you may have seen, tomorrow is Halloween Comicfest here at Richmond Comix and we are going all out! For the last few years Comicfest has been growing in popularity and I think this might be the year that it really breaks out as our second Free Comic Book Day! We will have free comics and candy but that is just the start. A whole passel of talented artists will be on hand. Our friends from Freestyle Ronin and Iconograph will be joined by James Saunders III and my favorite horror lover Chris Burke! If amazing art isn’t enough to bring you out we will be joined by members of the 501st Legion! That’s right, Stormtroopers of various origins will be on hand to take pictures with you in your own costumes. Speaking of costumes, how about...

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Free Comic Book Day Sale and details!

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We are just over a day away from my favorite day of the year! As always we are going to put just about the whole store on sale to go along with all the free books we are giving away! We are even opening an hour earlier than normal to accommodate what we expect will be the biggest FCBD ever! Everyone who comes in will walk out with a copy of Secret Wars #0 and any 4 other FCBD books! Supplies are limited (even though this is the most FCBD comics we’ve purchased ever!) so get here early! We have a bunch of stuff we are giving away on Saturday at 4pm. For every $25 you spend we will enter you into a raffle that has a bunch of cool stuff in it including variants, loot crate exclusives and...

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New Books for 1/14/15

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A new era begins as Star Wars returns home to marvel comics! To celebrate we will have members of the 501st Legion here from 5-8pm. There will be a sale on all Star Wars trade paperbacks and back issues. In addition, for every $25 you spend you will be entered to win a Yoda on Kybuck limited edition Maquette by Gentle Giant! I am super excited to see where Marvel takes the story in what Disney is calling the ONLY canon comics ever published! 1. A VOICE IN THE DARK GET YOUR GUN #2 (OF 5) CVR A T 2. ABE SAPIEN #19 3. ADVENTURE TIME MARCELINE GONE ADRIFT #1 4. ALIEN VS PREDATOR FIRE AND STONE #4 (OF 4) 5. ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #3 6. ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #3 N ADAMS VAR 7. ALL NEW CAPTAIN...

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4 Color Weekend Sale!

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Sorry guys, we won’t be doing a “black Friday” sale. Mostly because it sounds really sad and negative. Instead we will be having a four color weekend sale! What’s the difference you may ask? Well, mostly we plan to be open our regular hours instead of opening at 4am and the face that our sale lasts from noon on Friday until we close on Sunday night! We will also be having all our normal weekend activities so if you are looking to spend a little down time come on by! I will post our events for the weekend at the bottom so you know when the best time to come in and catch a game or two! The list of sale items for this year is pretty expansive so please bear with me as I list them all. We...

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