4 Color Weekend Sale!

4 Color Weekend Sale!

Sorry guys, we won’t be doing a “black Friday” sale. Mostly because it sounds really sad and negative. Instead we will be having a four color weekend sale! What’s the difference you may ask? Well, mostly we plan to be open our regular hours instead of opening at 4am and the face that our sale lasts from noon on Friday until we close on Sunday night! We will also be having all our normal weekend activities so if you are looking to spend a little down time come on by! I will post our events for the weekend at the bottom so you know when the best time to come in and catch a game or two!

The list of sale items for this year is pretty expansive so please bear with me as I list them all. We will also have a few in house deals going on over the course of the weekend but you’ll have to come by to see what those are. Also check in with our Facebook page for updates! New releases from the past two weeks (comics and games) are not part of the sale. If you aren’t sure please ask! I will be there all weekend!

Recent back issues on the wall 10% off

Recent back issues in the boxes 25% off

Bagged and boarded back issues 15% off

Trade paperbacks 20% off

Hardcovers 25% off

Collectible card games (Magic, Pokemon) 10% off (packs and singles, tournament entry fees not included)

Board games 20% off (this also includes non collectible card games like Fluxx and Munchkin)

Heroclix 20% off

Role Playing games 20% off

Malifaux 20% off

Gaming accessories (sleeves, boxes, etc) 10% off

Toys and statues 20% off

If you have a question about an item please ask!

Our event schedule for the weekend looks something like this:

7pm Magic the Gathering Booster Draft
7:30 pm Magic the Gathering Standard
All night: Commander!

12:00 Heroclix
3pm Magic the Gathering Modern
All day: Commander!

12:00 Malifaux
12:30 Pokemon League
All day: Commander!

We will also be playing some holiday spirited movies and TV shows this weekend like Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who.

See you all this weekend!