Regionals setup

Regionals setup

Hey guys it’s been a while. Life happens but now I’ve finally got some time to talk. Regionals are coming up soon and I’m here to tell you the top 3 decks that should be at your disposal, Blastoise, Darkrai/Garbodor, and Virizion/Genesect.

Blastoise always has been a good choice this year. Nothing has come around to change that fact. You setup, do 200, rinse and repeat. It also has some quick games so the time limit shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The newest set also released Professor’s Letter. This allows you to get more out of your deck quicker, and it allows you to be more consistent. I have chosen Blastoise over Rayboar as, even though they are structurally similar and do the same things once setup, Blastoise has more consistency overall and has a better plan against 130 HP pokemon than Rayboar does. Blastoise can use Keldeo ex to use “Secret Sword” and KO them with ease, while Rayboar can either blast it, or use Delphox which puts your draw power at risk. Overall, Blastoise is a very consistent deck that I believe should be on everyone’s radar come regionals.

Next we have Darkrai/Garbodor. This thing never seems to go away. It got new tools in XY like Yveltal and Yveltal ex making it quicker and stronger than before. It still has the controlling factors from Sableye (getting items back)and Garbodor (shutting down abilities) to make it a very annoying deck to play against. This can struggle with the time limit though. You lose 1 long game 1 and your tournament is in jeopardy. With Yveltal ex though, the time limit is less scary than before. Overall, this is (in my opinion) the strongest play for the event, I will caution those who haven’t played it much though. It is a very hard deck to play and win with in the timeframe given.

Finally we have Virizion/Genesect. This deck had fallen off the radar week 1 of states, but came back to its winning ways week 2 and 3. Many players have added Drifblim or Raichu to the deck to deal with Aromatisse variants and Yveltal ex respectively. Both are great versions of an already good deck looking to make another good showing at Regionals. I believe this has the biggest “surprise factor” as most people seem to be writing it off, but it has a good Blastoise matchup and the Darkrai/Garbodor matchup isn’t bad (more of a 50/50) so it should be in line to do well at these events.

Hopefully this can get you thinking about what to play at Regionals. Also, just because I didn’t name something here, doesn’t mean I think only these will do well. Obviously there will be the fairy varients, Plasma, Rayboar, Accelgor varients all looming, maybe even some new things popping up, these are just the “big 3” that I think will be doing well as a whole and should be prepared to face.