Pokemon Worlds Report

Pokemon Worlds Report

By Johnny Rabus

I finally made it to worlds. After playing the game for a long time now (10 years) I was finally able to make it to the big stage. I felt so happy going into the event, and extremely excited. I decided to play my Plasma variant that I had been using for the past few months. I knew it very well and enjoyed everything it could do. Here is the list I used for the event,
Pokémon – 11
4 Deoxys EX
2 Thundurus EX
2 Lugia EX
2 Kyurem PLF
1 Absol PLF
Trainers – 35 
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Bianca
2 Skyla
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Colress Machine
3 Switch
2 Ultra Ball
2 Team Plasma Ball
2 Max Potion
1 Scramble Switch
3 Frozen City
Energy – 14
4 Blend WLFM
4 Prism
4 Plasma
2 Double Colorless

Some of the card choices are interesting so I’ll try to explain my thought process. 2 Lugia, I love this card and what it can do to games. It can decimate their bad starts, it can make a huge comeback. I also believe it gave me an edge in the mirror as their Kyurems/Absols are worth 2 prizes now, instead of the 1 making everything better.
2 Max Potion, I always felt I had too much damage on board to deal with things effectively so the 1 count went to 2 and I never looked back. Also just makes sense with Thundurus.
3 Frozen City, since I wasn’t running hypnotoxic laser due to it not being effective with Lugia, I realized I needed some sort of stadium. City fit the bill as it replaces Virbank, gives you an edge against Blastoise, and helps out in whatever non-mirror matchup you have.

Without further ado, onto the report!

Round 1: Rayeels
This was my first round at the biggest event I have been to, needless to say I was nervous. This game was very weird, him opening a Raikou ex to my Lugia ex. This gives him a clear advantage as he has an easy 2 prizes when he feels like taking it. I keep cool and keep my strategy of taking out Tynamos with Kyurem and Thundurus. This way he can’t get out multiple Eelektriks and keep having a constant stream of energy acceleration. Eventually it is his 2 prizes to my 3 and he hits my Thundurus for 100 with his Raikou. I know I need a Max Potion to turn the tide back to my favor. Instead, I use a Juniper and hit Lugia ex and a scramble switch and am able to KO his Raikou to win the game.

Round 2: Plasma
Facing a mirror, I feel like I have the edge as I have 2 Lugia ex’s and 2 max potions. He, however, was also on this plan as I found out. He also ran the stadium card Plasma Frigate so I couldn’t one shot his Lugia ex with Thudurus ex and, since I had planned on that, it set me back something fierce. During the game, I had an option to use max potion on my Deoxys ex that took an early 30 from a Kyurem frost spear. I opted not to use it though, and after his N I couldn’t get it back and he was able to take advantage and get the win because of it.

Round 3: Darkrai
I was a little nervous about this one. I hadn’t really tested against Darkrai like I should have and, coming off a loss, I didn’t want to take another. Luckily his hand wasn’t that impressive (nor was mine) and he couldn’t do too much to put pressure on me. I was able to get some pressure on him with an early frost spear from Kyurem hitting 2 Darkrais for 30. After a Night Spear from him, I was able to scramble switch to Lugia ex and take out the Darkrais over the next 2 turns to win the game.

Round 4: Plasma
He is focused more heavily on kyurem playing basic water and exp shares to keep streaming them. He started very fast and was hard to keep up with. Eventually I was able to get Lugia to KO a Kyerum so I can get 2 prizes instead of 1. It also put him in an awkward position. He got 2 energys from exp. share to his Keldeo ex, however, he couldn’t attach to it because of Frozen City (if he did, I just get the KO with Lugia and take the game). So he is forced to pass and I was able to pick up momentum and take the game from that point on.

Round 5: Plasma
I wish I could say more about this game, but I cannot. He got an awful start, while my start was super quick and I just take control and never let go.

Round 6: Darkrai/Hydreigon
I was more than surprised to see a Darkrai/Hydreigon varient at Worlds, let alone facing me in round 6 of the X-1 bracket. Anyway, I open amazing and get a Lugia attacking turn 1 and get a catcher to KO a deino. He plays a N and I am able to get another catcher to KO another Deino. I’m now at 2 prizes and he is beginning to night spear. I have a dead hand after he plays a N to put me to 2, but am saved by his Tropical Beach in play. This allows me to not get so crushed after each of his Ns. However, he is now exuding all kinds of pressure at me, getting KOs on my Lugia with night spear and a KO on a Doexys ex with his Cresselia ex. He eventually got a 5th prize off my Absol putting him at 1 prize to my 2. What started as an onslaught for me, has become a nightmare. All I can do is attack with Thundurus and attach to Lugia. He Max Potions and hits me with a night spear. I follow his lead and Max Potion and attack as well. He does it again, as do I. He is then forced to retreat into a fresh Darkrai and night spear as he doesn’t have a Max Potion and I am able to use a Juniper to get a Catcher and take the game with Lugia.

Round 7: Blastoise
So, if I win this round, I know I am in cut for sure. Seeing I am playing against Blastoise, I am even happier as my 3 Frozen City usually take it down quite nicely. Anyway, we start playing and I notice he is having trouble finding a stadium to counter my City. This is fantastic, because if he can’t counter it, he cannot win. Eventually the City just puts too much damage on his board and I can sweep with a Kyurem.

Round 8: Blastoise
Another Blastoise, fantastic. I start with my early pressure and he gets a slower start. I can’t seem to get a City to stick though as, I found out, he runs 4 Tropical Beach. It made the match tougher, but I felt I could still win. Eventually, he missed a Superior Energy Retrieval and was forced to Beach. So, I was able to Scramble Switch to Lugia and take out his Blastoise. He concedes after as he cannot get another one into play.

Top 32: Blastoise
Game 1: I open decent, he opens very well getting 2 Blastoise by turn 4. However, he is struggling getting rid of the Frozen City giving me a much better chance to win. He is cranking out everything he needs to be doing though so it is still being difficult to take the game as I am missing energy drops everywhere. Eventually, I can Frost Spear to do 60 to his Black Kyurem, putting it at 110 (I prized a Deoxys so I couldn’t get it and do 70) so when he rains down and has a Catcher to win, I was 10 damage short of getting the KO and sealing the game (110 + 3 rain + city damage = 170)
Game 2: I open quite well and exude pressure early on from everything. He is trying to get something going, but cannot quite do it as he keeps missing 1-2 cards. Eventually I KO his Blastoise and he concedes.
Game 3: I open well again, while he opens with nothing and proceeds to get nothing for the entirety of the game. I was able to overwhelm him in a few turns because of this.

Top 16: KlingKlang
I saw some doing well and at the top tables, and I wasn’t sure how to go about taking it down. After we played some though, I realized he wasn’t focused on the Plasma KlingKlnag (which puts the match much more out of reach), but more of a traditional energy manipulating one. I realize Lugia is my best option to win as I can rush him out of the game per KlingKlang being slow.
Game 1: He struggles to get any sort of offense (or even a KlingKlang on board) as he is drawing terrible. I, however, am setting up nicely getting almost everything I could ask for. Eventually, I am able to KO 2 Cobalion exs with Lugia and take the game quite handily.
Game 2: Much different story as it didn’t matter what I did, he was able to counter. He gets a turn 2 Plasma KlingKlang and everything goes downhill super quick. I eventually realize I can’t win (around trun 4) and just try to stay alive and take time off the board. Also to see if I can figure out card counts/ace spec/ridiculous tech cards he ran. Well I got my answer, he ran dowsing machine and Terrakion ex which completely surprised me (looking back I’m not sure why, but it did then) and he is able to take a 6-0 victory.
Game 3: He opens with a Keldeo ex and Terrakion ex to my Thundurus ex and Deoxys ex. I am able to get down a Lugia and start powering it up, feeling good about my chances to win. He also has a terrible hand and is forced to pass the first few turns. This allows me to do too much and am able to sweep the game quickly with Lugia.

Top 8: Plasma
Game 1: We both open very similarly, and just begin the onslaught. I took first blood on a Kyurem with Lugia putting me at 4 prizes. However, this would be my downfall as he Ns me and I just draw nothing helpful the rest of the game.
Game 2: I open very well to his decent start. I am able to just overwhelm his board in order to take the game with no real pressure from him.
Game 3: I open Deoxys to his Absol. He goes first, attaches and passes. I do everything I can to get a powered up Lugia down but just get a Double Colorless and a Colress Machine to put it at 3 energy. I was also unable to move the Deoxys so I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. He then plays his Enhanced Hammer and my heart sank. He is still unable to do much though and I’m given more time. I however, cannot use it well as I can’t find a way to move my Deoxys. This gives him too much time to come back and is able to use his Lugia to put me out of the game.

Overall, it was a very fun experience. Seeing so many people, from so many places in the world. It really is an amazing site to see. I hope that everyone who can come to worlds next year, in D.C., does as it really is a fun experience. Even if you aren’t in the main event, there is still so much to do and see.